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What is a 1UP mushroom bar?

These 1up mushroom bar combine the best of chocolates with the powerful psychedelic trips of magic mushrooms. In the Super Mario Games this 1up mushrooms are used to power up players on consumption. They can be said to have a similar effect in real life as consumers have said to a burst of energy and happiness after consuming this chocolate bars.

What is the effect of 1 up mushroom chocolate bar?

In the Super Mario Games this 1up mushrooms are used to power up players on consumption. They can be said to have a similar effect in real life as consumers have said to a burst of energy and happiness after consuming this chocolate bars. 1 up mushroom chocolate bar is a psychedelic magic mushroom created by one up brand.
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Why buy one up bar Denver online?

Buy one up bar denver Online. It is true we love online purchase, but if a package is not well sent or is not receive in desired conditions, our system guarantees a MONEY BACK TRANSFER. We ship world wide and offer Free Shipping on all orders above $1000, and can include a 20% discount when an order has been approved.

What are some mushroom basics?

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A: Mushrooms are part of the Fungi Kingdom, which also includes yeasts and molds. Even though they were once considered to be plants, they are actually more closely related to animals. The largest living organism on earth is a honey fungus that grows in the mountains of Oregon, it measures 2.4 miles across!
There are well over a million species of mushrooms on Earth. Some are edible, others are poisonous, and many are yet unknown. The edible types are not only delicious to eat, they are also very nutritious. Some mushroom varieties are known for their exceptional healing qualities, and they can be used as dietary supplements. Even more, mushrooms have recently been used for environmental applications. This is because they live by breaking down and eating decaying organic matter, and they play an important role in the cycle of regeneration within an ecosystem. In the near future, mushrooms may actually play an important role in healing the environment and saving the planet.

Q: What are the health benefits of mushrooms?

A: Certain mushroom varieties, such as Lion’s Mane or Reishi, have been used for centuries in many cultures for their healing properties. Some research has been conducted with animal-based trials and test-tube studies, and the findings have been very promising.
The list of benefits includes: anti-inflammatory effects, antioxidants, immune-boosting properties, better cognitive functioning, nerve health and repair, improved mood, cancer-fighting properties, among others.
You can find more information about this in our Resources page.

Q: Are your mushrooms and tinctures safe? Any known side effects?

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A: Our gourmet mushrooms are perfectly safe to eat and always at peak freshness and taste, yet it’s always a good idea to speak to a doctor before beginning taking any dietary supplements. Our tinctures are made using a simple Double Extraction method, so all you’re getting is water, alcohol, and the potent mushroom benefits. Although uncommon, some people may have an allergic reaction to mushrooms, so out of precaution it is recommended to consult your physician before taking our dietary supplements.

Q: Do the products go bad?

A: Fresh gourmet mushrooms should normally be eaten within 7 to 10 days if kept in the fridge. They can also be dehydrated for later use. Our tinctures have a long shelf life because they contain alcohol. We recommend refrigerating the tincture once it has been opened, and shaking before each use.

Q: Are One Up Mushroom Products certified organic?

A: We do not use any chemicals or pesticides while growing our mushrooms. However, we do use soybean hulls in our substrate which are not USDA-certified organic. We are currently in the process of sourcing our raw materials from organically-certified growers, in order to be fully compliant with organic certification standards.

Q: Where can I find your fresh products?

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A: Fresh produce doesn’t ship well, which is why on this website we currently only sell wellness products like our One Up tinctures, as well as assorted merchandise.
Many fine dining restaurants, local chefs, and culinary connoisseurs in the RGV regularly use our gourmet mushrooms. Check out some of those locations below!
If you would like to get some mushrooms to cook at home, or to give as a gift, please contact us directly or find us at the McAllen farmer’s market on weekends.

Q: Is my information secure?

A: Yes. We will never share any of your information with third parties. Checkout payments are securely encrypted.

Q: When will I receive my products?

A: We normally ship within two to three business days of order confirmation. Please let us know if you have any issues and we will help it get sorted as soon as possible.

Q: Do you make any candy or chocolate bars?

A: No – we are not in any way associated with any psilocybin mushroom cultivation, nor any candy or chocolate bars. We have been made aware that there is a brand using the same name to produce these things, but as far as we can tell, that is still an illegal enterprise under federal law and we will not part take in such activity until it is entirely legal to do so.
Although psilocybin presents special qualities and benefits that are currently being studied, we recommend doing proper research and education to be knowledgeable on the subject, and advocate for its responsible and legal use. It is a matter that shouldn’t be taken lightly or irresponsibly. Plus, there are an immense amount of perfectly legal mushrooms that have medicinal and therapeutic effects that are not psychoactive. This is the reason why we make our dual extract tinctures – try them today!
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Q: What is your Return Policy?

A: We stand by our product quality and integrity with a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with your product, you may return it within 30 days of purchase and your money will be refunded completely (not including shipping costs). Processing times for refunds are 5-7 days, after which a credit will be applied to your card or original method of payment. We do not provide shipping return labels for customer returns. This refund policy only applies to products and merchandise purchased directly from this website.

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